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What We Do

Sayre & Jones is dedicated to the craft of auctioneering from every angle. We bring the skills, strategies and tools to get the most out of your audience. From small auction affairs to million-dollar productions, our staff delivers stellar service. Our auctioneering skills can boost your bottom line by 300% or more.

All of our Sayre and Jones Auctioneers are licensed, and maintaining our certification requires continuing education. Keeping updated and sharp ensures our champion auctioneers and ring personnel are well versed in the latest techniques, technologies and strategies. This level of professionalism ensures our team is equipped to bring you the best.

Sayre and Jones Auctioneers provides professional auctioneers, ring personal, clerks and decades of experience to ensure your event is set up to achieve maximum success.
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Our Process

Auctioneers are known for being fast talkers. However, Sayre & Jones believes in taking the time to get to know you. We listen to your needs, identify opportunities, and come up with a program that delivers the results you’re looking for.

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Initial Consultation

We start off with a detailed one-on-one conversation. During this consultation, our professional staff will get to know you, your organization, goals and other crucial details.
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Kick Off Meeting

We build upon what we learned in our initial consultation to nail down the type of event, your expectations, and other aspects. We go over all the finer points and pay attention to every detail that can impact our results. It is our mission to ensure you are positioned to succeed from the very beginning.

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Event Planning

Over the next several months, our fundraiser event planning auctioneers are there for you as you are crafting the perfect event. From creating a timeline for the event to advice on how to solicit items for bidding, our team communicates closely with you to provide support and expertise. We fully commit to the process and the results.
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On-Site Services

When the day of your event arrives, Sayre & Jones shows up, and then some. The auctioneer isn’t alone—supported by professional bid spotters to scan the crowds, clerks to capture the data, and any other partners necessary to ensure you raise the most money as possible. Our event auctioneers team is there for you, on the floor, mingling with guests and adding value at every step.

Our People

A successful auction requires more than just a smiling face or outgoing personality behind a microphone. Sayre & Jones is staffed by an experienced, knowledgeable team of professionals, each bringing their unique talents to the table, to make your event a success.


Having an experienced, energetic auctioneer leading your event ensures your guests have a great time and are motivated to spend top dollar on bids.

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Bid Spotter

For larger events, these staffers ensure no bid is missed, the crowd is excited, and the energy level stays high. They strive to give everyone a memorable experience.


These pros ensure all the bids are documented, copied and shared, so that not a single dollar is missed. Armed with technology and experience, our trained clerks verify the bids and avoid  costly mistakes.
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Whether you’re looking to raise $50,000, $1 million or more,
we can get you there.

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