The Sayre & Jones Story

Our Mission

Auctioneering is a complex field, but the mission at Sayre & Jones is simple. We provide energy, excitement, knowledge and professionalism to every event. We show each client ultimate respect and attention, always striving to make sure they are successful. This takes putting our heart and passion into every event. Our personal touch to auctioneering shows in our list of satisfied clients, and in our successful track record.

Our History

For over 30 years, Keith has been honing his auctioneering skills. He started in business liquidations, real estate and auto auctions, taking on new challenges and opportunities as they came. He recognized the real need for professional, fundraising, benefit-focused, and experienced auctioneers. With the right team behind them, organizations can achieve a much higher level of donation and success. In 1986, he founded Sayre & Jones, and since then he and the team have been perfecting the art of charity auctioneering for hundreds of clients.

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Keith Jones and auctioneer

Our Name

Owner Keith A. Jones’ father passed away when he was young, leaving behind Keith, his mom, and four siblings. She remarried Fred, who took Keith under his wing.  The fast-paced world of auctioneering caught Keith’s passion at an early age. Keith dedicated himself to the industry and vowed to work at achieving the same level of excellence as his stepfather. To honor Fred and his mother Lorraine, Keith named his company Sayre & Jones.

This is Fred Sayre, a well-respected figure in the industry. The only thing wider than his smile and his trademark Stetson hat was his knowledge of auctioneering. He spent over 40 years fine-tuning his craft. His immense talent and dedication landed the respect of his peers in the field. He served as president of the Indiana Auctioneers Association. And in 1987, he was inducted into the prestigious Auctioneers Hall of Fame.

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