Non Profit Auction Company FAQ

auctioneer at auction
“Charity auctions are fundraising events that turn into social events, not social events where you hope to raise money. If done correctly, your guests won’t know the difference.”

Keith Jones, Sayre & Jones

In a word—results! Only a professional fundraising auctioneer can ensure your event brings in top dollar. Hiring Sayre & Jones can boost your bottom line by 300% or more. We bring special skills, strategies and tools to get the most out of your audience. Engaging our service isn’t an event expense—it’s an investment in your organization’s future.
You get what you pay for. Every Sayre & Jones auctioneer holds a valid license and works full-time in the industry. Not every auctioneer can say that. Hiring a dedicated benefit, fundraising, professional event specialist makes a difference.
What’s more, not every auction house offers the level of customer service and consulting that Sayre & Jones provides. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients. We make ourselves available and responsive; enhancing your event experience so that it’s not only successful but enjoyable. Our fundraising event planning auctioneers, expertise and resources allow us to partner with clients. We achieve maximum fundraising success by doing the little things that have a big impact.
A professional auction house works to get you the most money possible. A fundraising auctioneers Chicago specialist should be able to assist with any and all aspects of your event. This might be your first time planning a charity auction, but we have decades of experience. This equips us with the knowledge and perspective necessary to handle any detail, big or small. Our capabilities include planning, setting your timeline, finding the right items, organizing live and silent auctions, funding a need, and recommending other money generators.
While six months to a year is ideal, Sayre & Jones can support you in putting together an amazing event on short notice. You’d be amazed at what’s possible when working with an experienced team like ours.

It’s our goal to try to have everything finalized in plenty of time to allow the last-minute (popups) to be incorporated without causing total disruption. By working together great things can be accomplished.
We can work with you to determine if consignment fits your needs. If it does, we have several consignment partners to choose from. However, consignment doesn’t work for everyone, or for every event. Contact us and we can talk to you to determine if consignment makes sense.
Absolutely! In our experience, pairing the two types of auctions brings an organization more dollars. Browsing the items is fun, and increasing the enjoyment of an event puts your guests in a more generous mood. That’s great for your bottom line! Also, offering silent-auction items can give people who don’t have the resources to bid on higher-dollar items, a chance to participate in the fun.

However there are pros and cons that we can discuss what best fits your fundraising and organizational needs. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals.