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Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund – Fundraising Benefit

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund – Fundraising Benefit
October 25, 2014 – Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund (DMSF) held its 25th Anniversary celebration at Union Station in Chicago. It’s absolutely amazing how they can convert Union Station into a beautiful fundraising benefit venue! They seated over 600 people at blue schemed tables; DMSF’s color.

It was Sayre & Jones Auctioneers first time working with DMSF and it was fantastic! Working with Executive Director, Andy David and Director of Development, Terri Bracken, it was a pleasure and a lot of fun.

DMSF gives high school assistance and educational support to Chicago students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Due to DMSF’s support, these students go to Ivy League schools, MIT, Northwestern and University of Chicago, just to name a few.

DMSF, along with Sayre & Jones Auctioneers had a mission Saturday night; to raise $500,000 to help DMSF go from helping 100 students a year to helping 125. With the unbelievable generosity of all the alumni and guests at the benefit, the fund-a-need alone raised over $675,000! The room was charged with electricity! Everyone was ecstatic with the fact the goal was far exceeded! Past Alumni and board members went out of their way to thank Sayre & Jones Auctioneer, Keith Jones, for what I did and to say how much fun they had. The fact is, I was thanking them for enriching my life! I love being a Benefit, Fundraising Auctioneers Chicago!


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