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Keeping it Fresh: How to Produce Awesome Annual Auctions

Keeping it Fresh: How to Produce Awesome Annual Auctions
Annual fundraising events are common. But you need to make them uncommon. How do you keep your annual fundraiser from getting dull? Many may think that you just do the same thing over and over again but if you keep repeating yourself, you’ll lose the excitement, your guests will lose interest, and your fundraiser loses money.

You want your guests to react to that invite with excitement and interest. The best way to do that is to keep the annual event exciting and fresh. Let’s look at challenges associated with hosting an annual event, and how to overcome them.

Change of scenery
The idea of returning to the same site every year holds some appeal. The location becomes familiar. Knowing what to expect helps create a shortcut in the planning. Heck, the property owner could offer a sweet discount if you sign up for multiple years.

However, don’t fall into the trap of turning lazy. Your organization and staff might like the familiarity of using the same spot over and over. Keep in mind, though, that your guests could get turned off by the repetition, be sure to change the theme, room decor and other adornments frequently. When they enter, a fresh look to the room gets your guests feeling excited and interested. You don’t want them feeling deja vu and boredom.

Rotate your staff
Organizations often tend to just let the same chair and board members handle approval of event details. Maybe they’re willing and eager to handle the nitty gritty. It’s possible your leadership doesn’t want the trouble of asking for fresh blood. Or, maybe no one else is raising their hand.

If your organization has the manpower, it’s in your best interest to bring in new faces. Those new faces bring in new ideas. If an annual event is in danger of getting stale, sometimes all it takes to revitalize it is a shift in perspective.

Refresh your auction items
Boy, it’s great when the same businesses give generously to your auction every year. It saves you legwork from having to ask new people to give. There’s a catch, though. To get top dollar, items need to feel new, limited and exciting. With the exception of one or two crowd favorites, offering up the same auction items, year in year out, won’t inspire the same spike in bids.

Bringing in new auction goods requires some work. Make a few phone calls, work your connections to find new organizations and you’re halfway there. Still, it’s a tough process. If you need inspiration, just ask an auctioneer.

There are a million ways you can prevent your annual auction from becoming the same old thing. The expert auctioneers and event planners at Sayre & Jones know all the tips and tricks. What’s more, we’re happy and willing to share. Give us a call today.


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